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Karen & Michael Wedding Dance Program: FAQs

Answered by Karen and Michael

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How Far in Advance Should I Plan?

Ideally you want to have a consultation with us before you have selected your venue and commissioned your wedding dress. We can help you choose the style of dance that you want early on and give you guidance as to what to tell the designer for the wedding dress and what floor surface and space you will need for dance style you have chosen. This allows you to take these things into consideration while you are in the early stages of planning.

But, if you have already made your plans, we will customize your First Dance to fit within the space that you have to work with, the floor surface already provided, the bridal gown you have selected and the music of your choice. We will also work with the schedule you have available so that your First Dance will be just right for the situation.

Do We Need More Than A Few Lessons?

How many lessons you need, really depends upon what you want your first dance to be like. If you don't mind repeating a few basic steps in time to the music with a simple entrance and exit, then a few lessons is all you need.

Many couples discover that dancing is really fun for them and that they want to do more, to make their First Dance interesting and unique. They may have specific ideas about how they want to surprise family and friends. They may want their first dance to be very enjoyable for others to watch and to pleasurable for themselves as well. Some prefer to have a choreography that is matched to the music so they will know what movements to do in what order. Others like to improvise after having learned a variety of moves.

What you choose often will determine how many lessons are appropriate. That is why we customize our instruction package specifically to your needs.

We Don't Know How To Dance? What If We Can't Learn?

If you are afraid you can't dance, that is a very natural feeling that many beginners have. We work with absolute beginners all the time and know exactly how to teach you in the ways you learn best. We haven't yet found a student who couldn't learn how to dance. Most are delighted to discover they can learn. They find out that dancing can be a lot of fun.

Not everyone learns in the same way. Some students learn more quickly by seeing something done and then duplicating what they see. Others need to have things explained to them in detail and sequence so they will know what order to do things and exactly what to do. Some need to have one of us guide them through the motions so they can feel the movement and then they can duplicate it. Since our instruction is customized to your needs, we use the combination of methods that works best for both of you.

Where Do We Start?

The best place to start is with the "Let's Get Started Package" for $75. This will give you a consultation and the most important information you need to make your decisions. It also includes a first lesson, so we can see how you learn best and estimate what you can accomplish in a given period of time.

How Do We Know What Type of Dance Goes With the Music We Like?

Usually in the consultation, we can demonstrate for you several different dance styles and the special dips and picture lines that are possible for use in your first dance. If you haven't already chosen a song, we can suggest possibilities. If you have a song, we can show you the dances styles that will work best with your song. We also provide music editing services to shorten the song and change the tempo so that it suits your needs and the needs of the dance.

How Can We Reduce Our Wedding Expenses and Receive a Tax Deduction?

You can receive tax-deductions for certain wedding expenses if you become part of the Share the Love Project. Click Here for more details.