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Well-Rounded Social Dance Program with Karen and Michael

Well-Rounded Social Dancer Program

with Karen and Michael

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What is an Well-Rounded Social Dancer?

A well-rounded social dancer is someone who has the moves with style and flair. They are in demand on the social dance floor because they make their social dance partners feel and look great. They are fun to be with, have social grace and are courteous to others. They know how to move around the dance floor and navigate in most types of traffic. They understand a lot about the etiquette of the places they go to and how to make people feel comfortable with them. They know how to dance to the music to add a bit of spicy variety to their dance. They rarely get bored. They arenít perfect and certainly haven't learned everything they need to know yet, but they know how to laugh or smile instead of getting uptight when they make mistakes. An well-roundedsocial dancer doesnít have to be an advanced dancer. They are a well-rounded dancer with just the right combination of skills and knowledge to make dancing fun for those they dance with and those who watch them.

How do I become an Well-Rounded Social Dancer?

Everyone learns at a different pace, so how much time it takes, will vary based upon how many hours you put into classes, lessons, training and practice. It could take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. It really isn't the quantity of information you learn, but the quality. Learning dance figures in a group class format will only take you so far. There are many social dancers that have spent 10 or more years taking dance classes who are just average social dancers and not that fun to dance with. Why? Because they have been focusing on learning more dance patterns and figures instead of also learning style and flair and how to make their dance partner feel and look great on the dance floor. Some of this knowledge only comes with private lessons and mini-group private lessons. You need a well rounded program to become a well rounded dancer. That is why we created the Well-Rounded Social Dancer Program, because you will get all you need to know in an organized approach.

What is the Well-Rounded Social Dancer Program?

It is a customized plan created by Karen & Michael just for you that helps you get all the information you need to become the kind of dancer you want to be. Karen & Michael will guide you through the right combination of group classes, mini-private and private lessons you need to develop your skills efficiently and cost effectively.

The Well-Rounded Social Dancer Program is created just for you, will develop you into a well rounded dancer who has a good dance figure vocabulary, style & flair, connection, lead/follow skills, social grace and partnership skills and can dance musically and creatively.

Where do I start?

You start this program by scheduling a consultation with Karen & Michael. They will help you determine what your skills are today and discuss your goals and help you chart your course to becoming the type of dancer you want to be.

A consultationis the best way to begin. Contact Us

Click here for more information about the subjects taught in a well-rounded social dancer program. Remember your program is customized to your interests and needs and will include only thost things important to your personal goals.